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My Ethos

    • Simple, meaningful programs can help people.
    • Noble programs deserve good results.
    • Simple is the best.
    • There is no time like the present.

My Story

Since I was young, I decided to try my hand at computer programming because I thought it would be a challenge and I was curious.

It was an itch, I guess. There was creativity in my bones and as it turns out, making things with programs was what I was made to do.

Until now, I’ve been completely devoted to satisfying my curiosity, sweating out the details, and appreciating program more and more.

I enjoy working on all types of projects, but the work that I get most excited about usually involves Unix/Linux projects, fixing broken systems, and making people happier than they were before.

While there is no shortage of ideas for what we can do with the web and new technology, I’m mostly interested in what we should do with it. I want to help people. I want to change the world a little bit. I want to do work that matters.

What I Do

I am a Unix/Linux/VoIP/SIP system programmer.

The disciplines I enjoy most on a project is a strategy, information architecture, and creative ways of innovation.

In other words, I like helping people solidify their ideas or needs, sketching out some helpful ideas, then delivering the best possible working program to them.

I like to contribute the code to the open source, and spending most of the spare time to the Asterisk(


MessageBird.  (2018.10 – Now) / Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dutch/English),
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Voice engineer

Voice Engineer

Work Detail
Focusing on the Asterisk/Kamailio in scale.
: call quality, monitoring, deployment.

Focusing on the Restful API server development in scale.
: maintaining the features.

IP Vision A/S.  (2013.12 – 2018.02) / Naerum, Denmark

ipvision_logo (Danish), (Danish)

Naerum, Denmark
CTI system programmer.

Linux server side programming.
C, Python, Ruby
Voicemail service, CDR(Call detail record) service.

Nexus Community co., ltd.  (2010.05 – 2013.10) / Seoul, Korea

559072_341685055883944_135060589_n, (English)

Main system developer.

CIOD system (CTMP Intelligence Outbound Dialer) main developer.

MCSD system (Intelligence Call Distibutor) main developer.

Chief editor of operating manuals.


Programming skills.

    C/C++, Shell script, Python, PL/SQL(Oracle, Sybase..), TCP/IP, Voice Communications

    Manipulated *nix, Linux, Windows servers, Databases ie., Oracle, Sybase, MySQL.. etc

    Manipulated STL, algorithm, and IPC.

    Overseas development (China and Japan – speaking in English).


Trouble Shooting

    Solving dialing errors and system linked errors, etc.

    Immediate support in emergency situation.


System Migration

   Support system migration to a new server such as AIX to HP-UX

   Making a database library such as altibase, mysql… etc.


Editing System Operating Manuals

Edited manuals for outbound call service system.

   Distributed manuals, during May. 2012 ~ Dec.2012 over 70 updates.

   After solving major problems, I made a trouble shooting guideline to prevent recurring problems.


Vancouver Koreatimes co., ltd (2010.02 – 2010.04) / Vancouver, Canada


Server administrator


Hidom co., ltd. (2006.04 – 2007.03) / Seoul, Korea


IDC(Internet Data Center) system operator.

Volunteer Experience

Opensource code contributor
Feb 2015 – Present
– Made a patch for the bug fix and new features.
– Patch accepted for the Asterisk-11/13/14/15/16


Digium Certified Asterisk Administrator (dCAA)

Issued on Jan.2015
Issued by Digium(

6.00.2x Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

Issued on Dec.2014
Issued by MITx(
Certificate ID Number : 1fcbb32b99804e0caf0d99a5705c469c

6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Issued on Aug.2014
Issued by MITx(
Certificate ID Number : f70698a4b08b463e85dd5dd0a2e9dbc1

SUSE 11 Tech Spec

Issued on Feb.2011
Issued by SUSE Linux(
Certificate ID Number: 10142638

SUSE CLA 11 Certification

Issued on Feb.2011
Issued by SUSE Linux(
Certificate ID Number: 10142638

Engineer Information Processing

Issued on Nov.2009
Issued by Human Resources Development of Korea(


Issued on Dec.2008
Expired Ooc.2013
Issued by Linux Professional Institute(
Certificate ID Number: LPI000163773

6 Comments on About me

  1. 윤덕용 says:

    웹 서치 중에 이 페이지를 보고 연락 드립니다.
    우선 재미있고 가치있게 사시는 것 같아서 매우 부럽습니다.
    저희는 Asterisk/PJSIP을 이용하여 화상교환기를 만들고자 하는데 기술이 없어서요…
    시험 중에 화상통화를 구현 하기는 했지만 RTP 전달이 원활치 않고, 해상도가 제대로 지원되지 않는 문제가 있어서 도움을 요청코자 합니다.
    가능하실지요? 이런 일은 원격으로도 가능하다고 생각합니다만…
    일단 말씀좀 나누고 싶습니다.
    이메일도 좋고요, 전화통화도 좋습니다.
    한국전화 010-3024-8234 입니다.

    • pchero says:

      4월 내내 휴가중이어서 지금에서야 확인했습니다.
      혹시 문제가 해결되셨나요?

      PJSIP 에서도 화상통화 관련은 아직 완벽하게 지원하지 않는 것으로 알고 있습니다.

      메일로 연락 주셔도 괜찮습니다.

  2. transcendi says:

    개발에 글이 큰 도움이되었습니다. 큰절이라도 올리고 싶내요 😉 감사합니다!

  3. badstudent says:

    안녕하세요… 우연히 과제를 통해 넘어와 블로그 구경중인 한 후배(?)입니다. 전 커널 개발 쪽으로 관심이 깊은데 열심히 공부하신 흔적을 보고 많이 자극을 받고 있어요. 앞으로도 종종 블로그 와서 모르는 부분에 대해 배워가겠습니다 🙂 잘 보고 있습니다!

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