pchero on January 23rd, 2007

Start with: sudo aptitude install build-essential automake cvs libpango1.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev libgconf2-dev libglitz-glx-dev librsvg2-dev libglade2-dev Then download sourcecode: cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@metascape.afraid.org:/cvsroot co kiba-dock Go to the kiba folder: cd ./kiba-dock Now generate: ./autogen.sh generate executable: make make install-schemas Install: sudo make install To start kiba-dock: kiba-dock But If you want It to load each time you start […]

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pchero on January 22nd, 2007

STEP 1: Add repos Please ensure you have a completely updated pc before continuing: Code: Install your *ubuntu-desktop metapackage specific to your DE, e.g. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Add one of these repos in “system>admin>software sources” or /etc/apt/sources.list Code: deb http://beryl-mirror.pricechild.co.uk edgy main deb http://ubuntu.beryl-project.org edgy […]

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pchero on January 22nd, 2007

ubuntu 초기 설치 후 Direct rendering = yes 값 일때의 xorg.conf 파일 # /etc/X11/xorg.conf (xorg X Window System server configuration file) # # This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using # values from the debconf database. # # Edit this file with caution, and see the /etc/X11/xorg.conf manual page. # […]

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pchero on January 21st, 2007

우분투를 갈아 엎고 다시금 설치를 할때… Beryl 과 Aiglix 를 설치하려고 하니…Direct rendering 이 안된다는 메시를 발견했다. 한참 동안을 고민하고 검색을 하다…겨우 UbuntuForums 에서 해답을 찾을 수 있었다.. 원인은 바로 이것… 듀얼 모니터 설정을 위해 설정한 Xinerama enable 옵션이….Direct rendering 이 안되는 이유였다…

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pchero on January 18th, 2007

SPF설치및운영지침서 SPF설치및운영지침서

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