I added a new feature in VoIPBin called groupcall. With groupcall, you can easily make calls to multiple destinations at once.

It offers two ring methods: ringall and linear.

In the ringall method, all destinations are called simultaneously. The first destination that answers the call executes the given call flow, while the rest of the destinations are immediately hung up. This is ideal for blasting calls and quickly reaching out to a group of people.

Alternatively, the linear method dials the destinations one by one in a specified order. If a destination doesn’t answer, the system moves on to the next one until a call is answered. This is useful for implementing a huntgroup call strategy, ensuring calls are routed sequentially based on priority.

But there’s more! VoIPBin also supports nested groupcalls. You can include a groupcall as a destination within another groupcall. This allows for even greater flexibility and customization in call routing. Each nested groupcall has its own ring method, and the calls follow the specified strategy within the nested groupcall.

With groupcall in VoIPBin, you can efficiently manage calls, control call flows, and reach multiple destinations simultaneously or sequentially. It’s a powerful tool for optimizing communication and streamlining your calling processes.

Whats next? 🙂


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