Today, I try to talk about some happenings in yesterday.

 At the beginning, it was just good dinner, as usual.

 But… I didn’t notice. Two some special people int that event.

 One person… is Mr. James. He is one of the CEO of Nexus Community.

 Actually, His working place is not in Korea. His Working place is in China.

 So, I didn’t know who is he, and what is his position.

 It was my first mistake.

 So… what is second mistake? And who is second person? Guess who?

 It’s me.

 I’m a new man in Nexus Community, and I didn’t introduce myself to James, not yet.

 Anyway, I did introduce myself to Jame, politely.

 When I finished my introduction, he told me.

 “Do you know how we introduce our new member in our own traditional way?”

 I said “Well…..”

 That is my second, critical mistake.

 What I only remember the thing before to arrived at home that I drink again and again.

 True to be told, it’s not bed. Funny and helpful to me.

 It was a good chance for me. To make more friend with Nexusians.

 James was knew, and everybody already experienced it.(or not?)

 Well… I want to write more about next episode.

 But it’s enough. Because after a long time later, when I remember about my first company(Nexus) everything will be remembered in my memory, named as a “Good memory”.



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