The Call-flow is a vital part of traditional CTI services. It is used to execute specific actions based on incoming or outgoing voice calls. However, with the advent of CPaaS, the traditional call-flow system is no longer sufficient.

CPaaS services provide multiple communication channels such as voice and video calls, SMS, emails, and chat. But, most CPaaS services offer flow execution only for incoming/outgoing voice calls.

However, if flow execution can be provided for multiple channels, including SMS and email, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It enables the creation of custom flows based on the contents of the incoming message or email.

The ability to trigger flows with multiple channel types and create conditional branches based on the contents of those channels has the potential to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

This is where the future of CPaaS services should be headed – providing a unified flow service that can handle multiple channels with ease.

The unified flow service should provide – a flow management system that can be attached to any type of channel, whether it is voice or video calls, SMS, email, or chat. The system allows for the creation of customized flows with conditional branches based on message content.

Additionally, the flow management system can be executed with or without any type of outgoing channel. This allows users to create a complete communication workflow, from incoming messages to outgoing responses, all managed through a single platform.

In conclusion, the CPaaS should support the unified flow service a flexible and customizable flow management system that can be attached to multiple channel types. With the ability to create custom flows based on message content and execute them with any type of outgoing channel, the service streamlines workflows and enhances productivity. This is the future of CPaaS services, and it opens up new opportunities for businesses to improve their communication processes.

Here’s my implementation of this idea. The VoIPBin provides unified flow execution including the above concept. This might be a crazy idea, but I just made it for fun.

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