I’m a voice software engineer in Telnyx(https://telnyx.com) and worked for the voice industry for over 10 years. And also I’m one of the Asterisk code contributors.

When I joined the voice(actually telephony back then) industry, everything was not clear that much at the moment. Most of the telco-standard was PSTN and it was expensive.

In a decade of work, I was always focused to make a simplified telephony service product.

In short, I was focused on making something like Twilio. Not entirely of Twilio’s service(it is huge!), but only a small part of the programmable voice feature.

And this is what I made and here’s demo.

It took several years to build this alone. The design was not look like this and have no idea about what this supposed to be too.

Here’s a detailed document(I’m working on it, but not done yet) for someone who wants to take a look.
* https://api.voipbin.net/docs/
* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KNoLfFFkwUt3o9BBsMsNDdWDncmFnk-G/view?usp=sharing

Thank you for read this. 🙂


2 Comments on Making a Twilio clone(programmable voice) for fun

  1. Hossein says:

    Good job. Thank you for sharing your experience. Have u thought to share this on GitHub?

    • pchero says:

      Hi Hossein,

      Thank you for asking.

      The simple answer is, yes, I have a plan to do that but don’t know when will it be.

      In detail,
      Because this project does consist of many other projects(something like asterisk-docker, asterisk-k8s-call, asterisk-k8s-registrar, …). It is not that simple to open it.
      And just open one project doesn’t mean anything. So, it has to be opened with many other related projects at the same time.

      But, currently, most of the project has a security risk. I use the cloud services to running this project and the account info used everywhere.
      So I can’t just open this project yet.

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